ES Principal's Corner


Welcome to Warroad Elementary!

Warroad Elementary’s values lie in the teaching of love, humility, honesty, wisdom, courage, truth, and respect as the basis of the Warrior Way!  WE encourage responsible, respectful, and safe choices by individuals in school, at home, and throughout our community.  Goals of Warroad Elementary include building strong relationships, serving our community, and developing upstanding citizenship skills.  WE strive to uphold the district mission statement:  “Together we create a future of excellence by providing a learning community that is personalized, innovative, and secure for all learners.” 

Enthusiasm for innovation and success abounds among Warroad Elementary’s nearly 500 Kindergarten through Grade 6 students.  Warroad Elementary teachers, support staff, and administration are committed to providing learning opportunities which promote the academic, social, and emotional growth of all learners.  Warroad Elementary believes in fostering both a love for learning and a well rounded education.  Students are involved in music, physical education, Native American culture, and technology based experiences in addition to literacy, math, science, and social studies CORE content.

Warroad Elementary families are an integral part of education.  The support families provide for their children is welcomed, encouraged, and appreciated.  A family-school partnership provides a strong foundation for supporting individual needs and preparing students for the future.

Please visit Warroad Elementary in person or contact us via phone or email to learn more about the exciting educational opportunities occurring in our school community. Warroad Elementary champions the Warrior Way!

Mrs. Brita Comstock
Warroad Elementary Principal
510 Cedar Avenue
Warroad, MN  56763
Phone:  (218)386-6094