Vision, Mission, & Values

"Excellence Starts With You"

Warroad Public Schools are committed to educating and preparing lifelong learners for success in a complex and changing world.

Warroad Public Schools Community Core Values
Building quality lives and strong communities through:

We will:
* Value the inherent dignity of all people
* Value and appreciate diversity
* Value personal and private property
* Honor self and others through words and actions
* Honor roles and responsibilities

We will:
* Take ownership of our behavior
* Have the courage to think and act independently
* Demonstrate problem solving and decision-making skills
* Be reliable and trustworthy

We will:
* Be honest with ourselves and others
* Demonstrate fairness in our judgments and actions
* Fulfill commitments and promises

We will:
* Share time and talents with others
* Take an active role in service opportunities in the school and community
* Celebrate involvement in service

We will:
* Understand the circumstances and viewpoints of others
* Develop the capacity to forgive others and ourselves
* Celebrate the contributions of others
* Promote a peaceful, caring and safe community